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why bright leaf was created

For my whole life, I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. It’s truly cripping. And for so long, Xanax and prescriptions felt like the only option for relief. When my grandfather got sick from cancer,I felt helpless and sadly at the time I didn’t know much about alternative remedies. After his passing I did so much research on natural remedies because I was determined to never let anyone I love go through something like this again. Over the course of launching and running Bright Leaf I have seen how CBD has helped others struggling with anxiety, pain, and sleeping disorders resume normalcy in their life. 

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Cbd stands for cannabidiol a compound from the cannabis plant. This compound interacts with your endocannabinoid system.In your body this system helps regulate pain, mood and maintain bodily homeostasis.

Hemp is such an incredible plant, it contains much more than just Cbd and when you choose full spectrum you get the benefits of all of hemps components. These all work together to create something called the “entourage effect” meaning they work together to get YOU better results.

NO – Cbd contains less than .03% THC and will not make you high.

Here’s the thing you beautiful unique being, How much cbd you need to take depends on you and your biology. To find your optimal dose we suggest starting low and gradually increasing until you hit the sweet spot. If you’re still feeling lost on where to start it’s okay, here is a basic guide.
A very small dose or a microdose of cbd would typically be anywhere between  .5mg and 20mg. 
A more average dose of cbd would be anywhere between 10-100mg a day. 
A Therapeutic/Macro dose  is considered to be 100mg-1500mg and usually is used to help support serious disorders.
Please speak to your doctor if you have any concerns about taking cbd. This product is not intended to cure any disease or ailment.

Yes your best pal can benefit in many of the same ways we do from hemp! As always Talk to your vet if you have any concerns with dosing your pet!

"After using the oil, I slept like a baby. I felt so much more relaxed and free of tension. I learned so much about cbd through the owner's instagram page and I would recommend this product to anyone in physical or mental pain. Plus, it's great for dogs too!"


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All packages will ship via USPS in 3-5 Business days so you can get your relief fast. We will provide a tracking number as soon as your package ships. 

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Bright Leaf Cbd is not responsible for any lost or stolen packages, shipping delays caused by USPS or packages shipped to incorrect addresses due to the customers error.


Did you know that over 40% of the plastic produced for packaging is used only once and then thrown away, ending up in a landfill versus recycling? At Bright Leaf, we say “bye, Felicia” to plastic and use 100% compostable shipping materials. You get your relief in a way that brings relief to our planet too. Just toss your packaging in your home composter after you open your package.  We are also a proud member of the Eco-Packaging Alliance so every time you place an order, trees are planted in Florida.